Petrographic collection in the town library Biblioteca Teresiana

The handwritten inventory accompanying the collection held in Biblioteca Teresiana lists 687 mineral and 217 rock specimens dating back to the 19th century. For all of them the place of origin is reported. At a closer examination, the mineral collection revealed to be more complex than thought since it is the result of accessions, of different collections or parts of them, put together by different people. Some of the specimens, for example, were for sure collected by Mr. Acerbi since they report information on their place of origin he himself wrote. Some other minerals, instead, show different catalogue criteria. They were presumably bought to complete the collection. There are also some specimens coming from a Wernerian collection exactly like the one held in the Liceo Virgilio.

As for the petrography collection, particularly notable are the Egyptian specimens, collected by Acerbi while he was working as Consul for the Austrian Empire in Egypt. Most of these specimens are provided with a tag where Acerbi himself wrote his remarks about the places he had found them and their surrounding geological features.